Karta Kalls It Kwits
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Karta Kalls It Kwits

Karta Kalls It Kwits

Aug 6, 2022
How this bit of spit and bubblegum lasted more than 60km will forever be a mystery.

The seam binding the inner and outer  halves of the tire together was destroyed as a result of the tread being completely worn off. Not only were the two halves separating, the tire itself was no longer attached to the rim. With Kai Nani loaded, there was a good 25cm of daylight between the rim and the tire directly above
where the tire stood on the ground. That patch of daylight rotated as the tire rotated. I should have taken a picture, but I saw it once and didn’t dare look again lest it somehow had worsened.

Note to self: Never leave home without a pocket full of zip-ties.

Since it’s hard ti keep a good kart down, the tires (zip-ties and all) were rescued from the trash and are now hauling gardening tools, dirt, and plantings to and fro as well as the odd kayak and SUP up from the beach. The crazy things are likely to outlast me.