Not Since 1950
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Not Since 1950

Not Since 1950

July 22, 2022

The last time there was this much water in Lake of the Woods was 1950. Basically, unprecedented in most people’s lives.

This cabin owner and I have something in common as the picture would suggest:

Neither of us have anywhere to stay on the lake. Me because the shoreline (all 104,000kms of it) is inundated. Him or her because their property is right on the shore.

Without access to the shore at least every hour, I am seriously exposed. If anything goes wrong, it’s immediately compounded by the lack of a safe, or at least reasonable, place to put to shore. Sadly, high-water conditions are likely to persist for until I am on the Great Lakes. Funny, the only place I thought I would have trouble
getting off the water was the Great Lakes. Shows you what I know.

For now, I’m back to counting single digit campsites the square of which is less than the 10 hours I’m typically paddling. 10 hours of paddling usually results in fun with numbers at some point in the day.