Sometimes You Just Have To Ask
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Sometimes You Just Have To Ask

Sometimes You Just Have To Ask 


Already famous for all the wrong reasons after crossing the Highway 9 bridge to Agassiz, Leah figured to let the local constabulary in Hope know of my plan to walk from Hope to Princeton towing the canoe. If someone was willing to call 911 and report a man and a canoe on the bridge, surely someone would do the same on the Crowsnest.


If you think you’re having a bad day at the office, imagine if you can what a bad day for an RCMP officer is like. I was happy to speak with the two constables once over the bridge and for their part, they couldn’t believe the call about the canoe was true.


Perhaps they were being polite, but the question of crazy member came up. The Hope detachment, however, was a little less delicate. The first question they asked was if I had any mental illness they should know about.


Leah did hesitate for just a second. My wife, Nani most likely would have responded along the lines of ‘Are we talking full-on crazy or maybe just a little sideways?’


As it turned out, I walked right past the RCMP station when leaving Hope. Barely glancing up from dash of his cruiser, he called out and asked ‘Are you sure?’.


Sometimes you just gotta ask…

**a HUGE thank you and shout to friends Kelly and Lynn in Hope for letting me set up in their magical backyard when all the area campgrounds were closed.  Best popcorn and tree fort ever! **