The Eagle Has Landed
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The Eagle Has Landed

Moonbase Charlie

May 3, 2022


It took 3 hours to cover the 5km from Moonbase Charlie to Kinbasket Lake Resort at Beavermouth Creek. Tracking the canoe up the Columbia was every bit as pleasant as previously described. The  Beavermouth was only marginally better as the image can attest.

To those among you who may be inclined to think me wrangling tails of derring-do and wow, might I draw your attention to the pilings in the near distance.  Normal water levels would see only the tops exposed. Those likings support the floating dock whose structure lays forlornly on the lake bottom high and dry.

I portaged the packs and Kai Nani up through the mud and goo, over the remaining snow banks stained the same dull brown as the rest of the shoreline by mud and silt, up the exposed gravel embankment and finally, with more than a bit of trepidation, up the ancient, rotted, rickety stairs.

The lodge, boarded up and closed, served only as a temporary jumping off point for the 5km Karta portage up  the Forestry Service to the Trans-Canada. 5km, 5 switch-backs, 800 ft up.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, the Eagle has landed.